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Необходимый перечень терминов и определений, используемых при проведении клинических испытаний

[Devised by ()] This is a test of difference in location for an EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN involving two samples with data measured on an ORDINAL SCALE or better. The TEST STATISTIC is a measure of ordinal precedence. For each possible pairing of an observation in one group with an observation in the alternate group, the pair is classified in one of three ways - according to whether the difference is positive, zero or negative; the numbers in these three categories are tallied over the RANDOMISATION SET. The RANDOMISATION SET is the same as that for the PITMAN PERMUTATION TEST(1). This test is generally recommended for comparisons involving ORDINAL-SCALE data but is not confined to this SCALE-TYPE. An equivalent formulation of the test, based upon ranking the data and summing ranks within groups, is the WILCOXON TEST(2). Also see : COMBINATIONS.

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