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Необходимый перечень терминов и определений, используемых при проведении клинических испытаний

Also known as TYPE-2 ERROR, BETA is the complement to POWER : BETA = (1-POWER). This is the probability that a statistical test will generate a false-negative error : failing to assert a defined pattern of deviation from a null pattern in circumstances where the defined pattern exists. Conventional methodology for statistical testing is to set in advance a NOMINAL ALPHA CRITERION LEVEL - the corresponding level for BETA will depend upon the NOMINAL ALPHA CRITERION LEVEL and upon further considerations including the strength of the pattern in the data and the sample size. Interest is generally in the RELATIVE POWER of different tests rather than in an absolute value. It is questionable whether the concept of BETA error is properly applicable without considering the concept of sampling from a population, which is separate from the concerns of this Glossary. Applicability of this reasoning is also closely bound up with the choice of TEST STATISTIC. Also see : ERROR TYPES.

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